We emphasize using real glass with a suitable adhesive and professional installation to deliver a rapid, world-class, and guaranteed service to protect the safety of you and your family. Clear Choice Windshield Experts is the recommended service provider for automobile glass repair and replacement for major insurance companies and fleets.

Clear Choice Windshield Experts follow the ‘Repair First’ concept. For clients, repair technology is a critical cost-cutting strategy, and windshield repair remains a top priority. We provide hassle-free services and cashless claim processes. Clear Choice Auto Glass Windshield Experts is the only windshield repair and replacement firm that offers a guaranteed warranty on artistry and materials used, thanks to experts who have been educated to worldwide standards.

The company’s centralised customer service center can handle all client questions and acts as a single point of contact for all car glass claims. We can provide fast, dependable, and timely service because of our comprehensive service centers, mobile van service, and distribution assistance.

Clear Choice Auto Glass is your one-stop-shop for all of your auto glass requirements!

We have consistently prioritised service, experience, and product quality since its inception, resulting in millions of windshields fixed and replaced at our service centers around the country. While our technology has never stopped evolving, one thing has remained constant: our concern for the person’s safety behind the wheel. 

ADAS Windscreens features 

Automobiles are constantly changing. As a result, new driver safety measures are increasingly being incorporated into windscreens. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are crucial to car glass repair and replacement because of the cameras and sensors that can be found on the windscreen.

Because of their sensitivity, when an ADAS integrated windshield is changed, there is a risk of misalignment. It can have a significant impact on the system’s performance. As ADAS technology improves and gets more complicated, having a trustworthy professional perform any windshield repairs becomes essential.

The windscreen of many contemporary automobiles incorporates sophisticated technology. Fill in the blanks on this helpful checklist. If your car has any of these features, you should check with an ADAS windscreen expert to see if calibration is required. It is critical to guarantee appropriate vehicle ADAS calibration while replacing windshields, doing body repairs, or making other upgrades. Any car equipped with ADAS systems will be aligned and calibrated by Clear Choice Auto Glass & Tint. With over 44% of all automobiles on the road equipped with ADAS, Clear Choice Auto Glass & Tint guarantees that you and your family are safe on the road!

Services for Auto Glass

Your vehicle’s auto glass is an essential component. Because most vehicles’ sensors are concentrated on the windshield and other auto glass, any damage to them might affect your ADAS functions. The professionals at Advanced Car Glass are available to assist you whether you need basic auto glass repair or comprehensive auto glass replacement. After your servicing, we’ll ensure that your ADAS features are correctly calibrated, ensuring that everything is in working order. 

Tinting the windows

Window tinting has several advantages for almost every car. Custom window tinting from Advance Auto Glass is a fantastic addition to any car, truck, or SUV for various reasons, including temperature management, improved security, and privacy. We can design custom window tinting effects for your car. We’ll ensure your new custom window tinting doesn’t interfere with your ADAS features, much like our auto glass services. If you’re looking for expert window tinting in South Denver, go no farther than Advance Auto Glass. See what we can accomplish for your vehicle by learning more about our auto tinting services.