Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Chip Repair

Windshield repair usually takes less than 30 minutes to be completed. Clear Choice Auto Glass will repair stone chips under the size of a loonie. Performing a windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, prevent damage from spreading, and make the damage less noticeable.

The object of current windshield repair technology is to strengthen the damaged area and reduce the possibility that the chip may spread into a crack. Cosmetic improvements are considered secondary in importance.

While the chip may disappear 75-90% there is a chance that it may not change in appearance. This can be caused by multiple factors including moisture or dirt that has contaminated the chip. The sooner you get it repaired the better the clarity and overall success of the repair. The chip will be smooth to the touch and sealed so nothing can get in or out of the chip. 

All chip repairs by Clear Choice Auto Glass are guaranteed not to crack as long as you own the vehicle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can choose to have your windshield replaced. The cost of repair will be credited against the windshield replacement cost.

Proper Auto Glass Installation

Our installers follow the Full-Cutout Method. This is very important. Some companies/installers don’t follow this in order to save time and use less product. The Full-Cutout Method is the only method that is an AGRSS Industry Standard and approved by all vehicle manufacturers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM quality is the best available. Insist on having OEM quality products used for your vehicle. Getting you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible is important to us, so we use a quality urethane with an industry leading 2 hour drive away time. There are cheaper products out there and some companies are willing to cut corners by using those products and also skipping important steps in the replacement process. What’s more important, your safety or a few dollars?

We stand behind our work. That means we are confident that the job will be done right the first time and if there is a problem it will be taken care of–whether it’s an air noise, a water leak or a stress crack. We warranty our work for lifetime you own the car. So relax and have peace of mind knowing your are taken care of.

Any reputable auto glass company should be able to answer this question.

YES! The passenger’s side air bag can hit the windshield at over 200mph! If the w/s is not properly installed it could pop out during an accident greatly increasing the possibility of more severe injuries or death.

YES! The w/s and back window of your vehicle can provide up to 60% of the roof strength in a roll over accident. If either one is incorrectly installed they may fail to hold up the roof and that could cause it to collapse down on the passengers. As manufacturers continue to find ways to make vehicles lighter and cheaper to produce, glass is being counted on even more as one of the most important safety features in your vehicle.

Auto Glass Replacement

  • Your broken, or cracked glass is professionally removed.
  • The old urethane (Glue) is carefully cut back.
  • The area is cleaned, prepped, and primed
  • New OEM quality glass is cleaned and prepped
  • We apply fresh, 2 hour drive time. (1hr after installation). urethane to the car
  • Your new glass is set back in original place
  • All parts are put back on and the glass is cleaned
  • You’re all set and ready to drive within an hour!

The Clear Choice Guarantee!

  • We guarantee our installation for life against water leaks, air noise, or defects in the glass.
  • If you were to have a problem with our installation, we will quickly come back out to you and fix the problem.
  • If it can be repaired, we will do so, if not, we will remove the glass and re-install and/or replace any necessary parts at absolutely NO cost to you.
  • Keep in mind these things do happen from time to time, but with Clear Choice Auto Glass, you can rest assured it will be remedied promptly and professionally!