Clear Choice Auto Glass has consistently prioritized service, experience, and product quality since its inception in 1949, resulting in millions of windshields fixed and replaced at our service centres around the country. While our technology has never stopped evolving, one thing has remained constant: our concern for the person’s safety behind the wheel. We take great pride in knowing that our clients are happy and safe on the road.

Clear Choice Auto Glass is Ottawa’s most extensive vehicle glass repair and replacement network, with accessible service facilities and mobile vans. We stress the use of authentic glass with the suitable adhesive (polyurethane) and professional installation at Clear Choice Auto Glass to deliver a rapid, world-class, and guaranteed service to protect the safety of you and your family. Ottawa’s most extensive integrated glass business provides all of the glass. That’s why Clear Choice Auto Glass is the recommended service provider for automobile glass repair and replacement for major insurance companies and fleets.

Clear Choice Auto Glass follows the ‘Repair First’ attitude. For consumers, repair technology is a tremendous cost-cutting tool, and windshield repair remains a top priority. To make things easier for our consumers, we offer hassle-free offerings and cashless claim procedures. We are the only windshield repair and replacement firm that provides a warranty on quality and materials used, thanks to professionals who have been educated to worldwide standards.

Clear Choice Auto Glass experts have the most extensive multi-model inventory of any company, including premium automobiles. The company’s centralized customer service center can handle all client questions and act as a single contact point for all vehicle glass claims. We can provide rapid, dependable, and timely service because of our extensive service centres, mobile van service, and distribution assistance.

We Are Your One-Stop-Shop For All Of Your Auto Glass Requirements!

Clear Choice Auto Glass is delighted to provide the most modern, safe, and dependable option to schedule windshield/car glass replacement and repair online. To get started, utilize our quote system, and we’ll take you through a series of simple steps to schedule your windshield/car glass replacement or repair with a qualified Clear Choice Auto Glass automobile glass contractor near you. Learn more about our vehicle glass replacement services.

Your Store

Precise Choice Auto glass repair services, as you may know, entail the replacement, repair, and tinting of a vehicle’s glass. However, before you open your car glass store, you must first have a thorough grasp of the market. That implies you’ll need to collect as much data as possible to verify the market and your business concept. You aim to learn about the market’s supply and demand, as well as your competitors and potential clients.

Demand is influenced by the number of automobiles on the road, the number of crashes, and the disposable income of your potential clients. You’ll also want to consider the average age of cars. Older automobiles are more prone than newer vehicles to require repair and reconditioning, which means more work for you.


Because of their sensitivity, when an ADAS integrated windshield is changed, there is a risk of misalignment. It can have a substantial impact on the system’s performance. The technician who installs your windshield must ensure that the camera is calibrated correctly to have a clear view of the road ahead. As ADAS technology improves and gets more sophisticated, having a trustworthy specialist perform any windshield repairs becomes essential.

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