Maintaining the cleanliness of your windshield and vehicle glass is critical for your safety while driving. It is critical to have a good perspective of the road. Only Clear Choice Auto Glass understands how important it is to maintain your windshield clean. Here’s a list of frequent vehicle window cleaning blunders to avoid.

Auto Glass Cleaning

Keep these pointers in mind when washing your vehicle glass to avoid typical blunders:

When The Glass Is Dry, Do Not Clean It

 It’s a typical mistake to wipe the dry glass with a towel. You can’t see the dust particles on the glass, which can damage it. Scratches weaken the glass over time, making it more prone to future damage. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or a glass cleaner.

Regular Soap Should Be Avoided

The surface of your auto glass has a specific coating. This coating is vulnerable to regular Soap. Always double-check your cleaners to be sure they’re designed for vehicle glass. Glass cleaners will help maintain your glass in good condition.

Dry Cloths And Paper Towels Should Be Avoided

Even when wet, rough surfaces on paper towels can harm the surface of your glass. Tissues can leave lint and threads on the glass since they contain lotions. A dry towel might damage your glass as well. If at all feasible, use microfiber cloths to clean your car’s windows.

Clean Your Car’s Windows With An Auto Glass Cleaner

The correct formulation for vehicle glass is not found in regular domestic glass cleaners. The ammonia in domestic glass cleaners will break down the tint in vehicle glass over time. Ammonia is a strong cleanser that can decompose almost anything. Streaks appear on vehicle glass when you use regular domestic glass cleaning. Ammonia-free auto glass cleaners offer the perfect composition to break down road filth and bug leftovers.

It Isn’t Always Dirty To Have Fogged Windows

Refrain from wiping your fogged windows. Instead, utilize your car’s defroster/defogger feature. When wiping fogged windows with anything you can find, you’re probably not using the correct cleaning cloth. Oils might be left on your windshield even if you use your hands. When you clean your windows incorrectly, you risk scratching or damaging them.

When Cleaning Auto Glass, Avoid these Common Cleaning Blunders

It would help if you cleaned your glass with caution to ensure that it continues to operate at its best. You may avoid scratching your vehicle glass by not cleaning it while dry. To further prevent your glass from scratches, avoid using paper materials while washing it. Avoid using household soaps and cleansers to protect your tint and window coating.

You clean your auto glass to its maximum potential by using a cleaner designed exclusively for auto glass maintenance. When your windows are fogged, avoid touching them and let them alone.

The defroster/defogger is working well. All of these pointers will assist you in protecting your vehicle glass and recognizing frequent cleaning blunders to avoid.

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You’re Not Washing Your Car’s Windows Regularly Enough.

 Bug splatters, grime, and debris can become trapped on your car’s windshield if you don’t wash it regularly enough. The longer you leave dirt on your clothes, the more difficult it will be to remove them. It not only makes subsequent washing more difficult, but it also makes your windows more prone to fractures and scratches.

Cleaning The Glass With Sponges

If you wipe your car’s windshield with a sponge, you’re not alone. The majority of motorists do. They are. However, all are doing it incorrectly. Sponge cleaning is not recommended for vehicle glass since it is too rough. Instead of using a paper towel, use a microfiber cloth to clean your glass.

To Clean Dry Glass, It Must Be Dried.

If drivers do not use sponges to wipe their windshields, they are most likely washing it after it has dried. It, too, has the potential to do severe harm. It is because you’re brushing dust particles over your glass that you can’t see, and they’re damaging the surface. It can make your glass considerably more vulnerable to deterioration over time.

Using A Regular Cleaner Instead Of A Special One

Your windshields, both front, and back, are not ordinary pieces of glass. As a result, they cannot be cleaned with ordinary glass cleaner. Ammonia is found in most common glass cleaners, which can cause substantial damage to your vehicle’s windows. Instead, use a cleaner made exclusively for automobiles.

When You Clean Your Windshield Wipers, You Don’t Replace Them.

If you use old windshield wipers, your windshields may become as dirty as anything else. Years of dirt may have accumulated beneath them, which is then smeared across your windshield every time you wash them. When cleaning your automobile, always check the condition of your wipers.

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