When the summer months begin, it becomes the perfect opportunity to grab your,vehicle, your friends, and explore the beautiful country we live in. Luckily for Ottawa residents, we are so close to the border and can take even longer road trips to explore more of North America. Does this sound appealing to you for the summer? If it does, we have outlined some helpful tips to make sure your vehicle doesn’t leave you on the side of the road during your road trip.

Maintenance Check:​ Has your vehicle been in for its seasonal maintenance check yet? If you’ve had your summer tires put on, then most likely it has had its oil changed, brakes checked, and tires analyzed. These are all very important to have updated before you hit the road. If your vehicle hasn’t been in since the winter season, it would be a good idea to get it in now.

Lights Check:​ Be sure your front and rear lights are working properly. No need to cause an unnecessary accident because your brake lights were not working properly.

A/C Check: ​It can get extremely warm during the summer months and there can be long waits in traffic. Be sure to run your A/C before your road trip and make sure it’s blowing cold air. If it is not working properly, it can lead to an even bigger issue if it is not checked beforehand.

Windshield Check:​ Check your windshield for any cracks or stone chips. It may not look serious to the untrained eye, but a crack or a stone chip can do a lot of damage to the windshield underneath the top layer. If they are not looked at and repaired, they can grow much larger and cause a huge problem for you on your road trip. You can set a time to receive a quote from us online today https://clearchoiceautoglass.ca/get-a-quote/

Windows Check: ​While checking your windshield, be sure to check all of the other windows on your vehicle. We can help with all of your glass inspection and repairs before your road trips this summer.

If you take the time to go through these helpful tips for your vehicle, you will be able to plan your summer road trips in your vehicle confidently. For more information about all of our glass repair services, be sure to give us a call 613-978-8768.