The snow is finally melting, and spring is on the way in Ottawa, but don’t let those patches of grass poking out fool you. While it may be tempting to break out the summer ride, keep in mind winter hazards haven’t totally disappeared just yet.

Rising temperatures bring with them a new set of challenges for car owners. Keep these tips in mind over the next month as we complete that full transition into spring and summer – and if you do find yourself needing auto glass repair, Clear Choice Auto Glass can help!

Watch for Falling Ice and Snow

This doesn’t just apply to when you’re walking! As snow and ice build-up on condo buildings or homes starts to melt, the heavy ice needs somewhere to go. If you’re parked too closely to the building, you risk that mess landing directly on your vehicle – causing dents in the hood and shattering your windshield. If possible, park further away from the building for a few weeks.

Hail Season

Spring is hail season, and there’s nothing like an unexpected hail storm to take the shine out of that new car. Park in a garage if possible, or invest in a carport or portable shelter. You can purchase these at any Canadian Tire or Home Depot for a few hundred dollars.

That Last, Late-Season Snow Storm

There’s always someone who decides they’ve had enough of clearing off their vehicle and heads out with snow on their roof after winter’s last hurrah. Give yourself extra following distance to ensure any snow or ice that hasn’t yet melted away doesn’t find it’s way on to your windshield.

Chips become Cracks

If you do have a chipped windshield, now is the time to get it fixed. With less salt and sand being dumped on the roads, and the sweeping crews hard at work getting roads clear, you’re less likely to get another stone chip. With changing temperatures, plus a weakened windshield, the longer you put off having your windshield repaired the more likely you are to see it spread to a chip. Once that happens, you’re looking at additional costs.
If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a chipped, cracked, or smashed windshield, give us a call today (613 978-8768) or book an appointment online. We can have your vehicle looking like new and summer-ready in no time.