Your windshield is one of the most important features in your vehicle that keeps you safe when you are driving. If you are driving with a cracked windshield, it puts you and everyone else in your vehicle at a much higher risk if involved in a collision. There is no prediction of when a car accident can occur, even when all safety precautions are taken while driving. In most front end collisions, your car windshield can provide up to 45% of the structural safety for you in your vehicle.

If you are driving with a newer vehicle, chances are your windshield contains a camera and safety sensors. If a crack is developed in your windshield from a stone, you should have this looked at right away. Windshields with a camera and/or safety sensors need to be handled specifically to the car and may take more time for a special order to come in. When you leave a cracked windshield for too long, your entire vehicle becomes more vulnerable if involved in any type of accident. What may seem like a minor chip, can easily grow simply by increase of temperatures- hot summer weather or very cold winter conditions.

The strength of your car windshield is one of the most important features to a vehicle. Once a windshield is compromised, the vehicle instantly loses almost one third of its strength to keep you and your passengers protected. The most common cause of fatalities in a roll over car accident, is injuries to the head from being ejected from the vehicle. The windshield also works with the airbags that are installed in the front end of your vehicle. Once your airbags have deployed, they bounce off the windshield into the passenger. If your windshield is already compromised, the airbags may not have the support of the windshield they need in order to protect you and your passengers in a collision.

In order to ensure your car does its job properly by keeping you as safe as it can in the chance of an accident, you must make sure the condition of your windshield is always up to date. Repairing any chip or crack in your windshield ensures that the factory seal is intact and your windshield will continue to perform the way it is supposed to.