Cleaning cracked auto glass is a complex job that no one loves. However, covering the window until you can repair it is crucial. Whether the windshield is smashed by hail, a smash-and-grab crime, or an accident, every automobile owner should know how to fix it.

Driving with shattered vehicle glass is not a safety threat in most circumstances, but it must be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Clean the broken glass from the window and cover it in the meantime. It will not restore the vehicle’s security if stolen, but it will protect the inside from bad weather and heavy winds.

Steps for Covering a Broken Window Temporarily Preparation

Before handling glass fragments, put on a pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Get a bag or container to dispose of or recycle the waste more effortlessly.

Remove The Shattered Glass.

Begin by removing the more enormous shards of glass. Collect and put the shattered bits into the bag or container using your hands. Breakaway any residual glass that is still connected to the automobile gently. Then vacuum smaller pieces of glass from inside the car, around the window frame, and down within the seal using a shop vac. Tiny shard on the carpet, on the seat, and inside the vehicle door are easily reached with the long vacuum attachment.

Wash The Area Around The Window

The next step is to prepare the window’s surrounding surfaces for optimum adhesion. Before putting the tape covering, you must remove trash, dust, and build-up. 

Place the Plastic Cover in the Appropriate Location

From inside the vehicle, place the plastic over the window frame. You should avoid other types of videos since they may damage the car’s paint or make it more difficult to remove from the windshield afterward.

Put the Plastic Covering on Tight

Prepare six to ten longer masking tape pieces. Pull the plastic to one side of the car’s frame and smooth it out. To firmly adhere the plastic around each side of the glass, use one piece of tape at a time. The plastic should be stretched taut rather than allowing slack in the surface to flap in the wind and produce noise while driving.

Keep The Window Covering In Place.

After that, use extra tape to reinforce the seal around the glass. The second layer will help hold the plastic covering in place even with moisture or significant air pressure while driving. Ensure there are no gaps between the plastic and the window frame through which air or water can enter. Gaps increase the likelihood of the plastic breaking before you can repair the window.

On The Outside, Add A Second Layer.

It’s advisable to add a second piece of plastic if the temporary covering is used for several days, over the weekend, or in inclement weather. The procedure of covering a damaged automobile window should now be complete.

Concerns About Safety

Keep in mind that concealing a window reduces the driver’s visual range. Reduce your speed and drive with caution if a window is smashed.

Covering a window with opaque or dark materials obstructs the driver’s view. Covering a shattered windshield is not a good idea.

Calibration Services By ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are safety and driving assistance systems. They aid in accident prevention by alerting the driver to possible risks and implementing safety features.

The crew at Clear Choice Auto Glass has years of experience in the industry. It is trained and certified to produce a pre-diagnostic report that will show you which ADAS modules in your vehicle are not working correctly. The module is then reprogrammed and updated by OEM specifications.

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