Windshield Replacement

Windscreens are more complex than glass in a window. They are made of multiple layers of glass materials, which must be replaced at different times. When it comes to windscreen replacement in Ottawa, it’s probably not a very complicated job. But If you are not a technician, you might be surprised to know that many cars have windscreens that the layperson cannot replace. 

What is the average life of a windscreen?

The average life of a windscreen will depend on several factors, such as the environment in which it is used, the quality of the windscreen, the amount and type of debris, and the frequency of use. Poor-quality windscreens and windshield replacements will wear out much more quickly than well-made ones. Car Windscreens are made up of two layers of laminated glass with a plastic interlayer in between. The interlayer is a sacrificial layer which protects the glass when it breaks. The interlayer is thickest at the center of the windscreen and thins out towards the edges. Over time, the interlayer can crack, resulting in the outer glass layer cracking. It can be caused by a stone chip or a small piece of dirt caught between the layers. When this occurs, the repair is to do the entire windshield replacement because it is cheaper than replacing the inner glass. A windscreen can last anywhere from two to five years, depending on how well it is maintained.

What are the signs that your windscreen needs to be replaced?

Windshields are a vital part of your car. Not only do they protect you from the weather and stones, but they also protect you from flying rocks and debris. Over time, they can become cracked and brittle, resulting in dangerous road conditions. Not only will a damaged windscreen replacement make your next car trip uncomfortable, but it can also be potentially dangerous. The last thing you want is your windscreen to shatter while driving – that’s never a pleasant experience!

What are the different windscreen types?

There are numerous materials, shapes, and sizes available for windscreens. They are installed on your vehicle for a specific purpose: To protect you from the weather, wind, cold and road debris. The trend nowadays is for them to be darkly tinted to a level not exceeding 50% to protect your vehicle’s interior and reduce glare, but this can be different. The most common type of windscreen is the standard flat one, which most cars come with. The flat windscreen is usually made from tempered glass, a type of safety glass that will break into small pieces and not cause injury due to its lack of sharp edges. If a rock shatters your windscreen, you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets being hurt by the sharp glass.