Clear Choice Auto Glass, Ottawa’s oldest, largest, and most diverse glass firm, is highly known for its superior craftsmanship and installation ability, with 90 percent of its work being bespoke.


We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for our loyal clients. They have learned to anticipate a particular degree of quality, professionalism, and excellent outcomes from us on every project. That’s why our team comprises some of the most qualified people in the field, all working hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. It does not imply that we are flawless; rather, it indicates that we are committed to satisfying our consumers.

Clear Choice Auto Glass has proudly served Ottawa and Eastern Ontario households, companies, and organizations since 1964. We’ve built a reputation for providing excellent customer service, flexibility, and, most importantly, exceptional craftsmanship during that period. Our team consists of hardworking men and women that promise to earn and maintain your business.

Whether you’re performing the task yourself or require on-site assistance, we’re here to help! We’re the Ottawa area’s go-to source for glass-related products and services, from installs and replacements to commercial and residential repairs, and our collection of window, screen, and patio door hardware repairs is second to none.


You can rely on Clear Choice Auto Glass whether you need new windows, doors, glass, or other glass goods, or if you need existing glass restored and made to appear like new. You are selecting the same level of service, flexibility, and quality on which we have established our name.

Furthermore, we aim to go beyond that and above for our consumers by offering emergency assistance 24 hours a day. Your problem is our emergency, and we’ll be there for you anytime you need us, seven days a week!


Do you require a new windshield? You’ve come to the correct spot because we’re going to discuss where to get the best windshield replacement in Ottawa.

We looked at every choice in the city, looking for those with a proven track record, quick yet decent service, and good value for money. We finally reduced it down to only the stores listed below.

For example, your windshield might feature built-in rain sensors or be made of a unique type of glass that requires a specific order from the manufacturer. The type, model, and size of the car you drive significantly impact the total cost.

Windshields that have been damaged may be fixed the same day, but technicians will need to evaluate the degree of the damage. If the problem is serious enough to jeopardize your safety, they will almost certainly recommend that you replace it altogether.

If you cannot transport or drive your car to a shop, technicians can perform on-the-spot repairs or replacements.

The Advantages of Glass Repair

As a consequence, the temperature within your home is kept at a consistent level. In the winter, you reduce heat loss, and in the summer, you avoid becoming overheated.

It also means that your energy bills will be cheaper because you will be using considerably less energy to heat and cool your residence. In fact, by having Window Medics replace your broken glass, you may save anywhere from 30 to 50 percent on your energy bills. We have various choices that can provide you with up to 10 times the insulating characteristics of regular glass.

Of course, lowering your energy use is also ecologically good; you benefit, and the environment benefits as well.