You have probably not thought much about it but one of the most important safety features in your car is your windshield. It is easy to ignore its importance because you look right through it but it actually shields you from a wide variety of elements and potential hazards.

When it comes to repairing and replacement of windshield, Clear Choice Auto Glass is the best choice. The company specializes in auto glass windshield replacement and chip repairs. The process is made simple by an experienced team of technicians who provide their services in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

This company is a one stop shop for your auto glass repair and replacement needs and always uses quality glass with the most advanced technologies. You have a life-time warranty on replacement with our top quality products. Not only this, but the company is also equipped to calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This includes cameras, sensors, and other equipment that is mounted on the windshield and effects the functioning of your vehicle.

When it comes to ADAS calibration, the focus of our experienced professionals is how the ADAS vehicle features will work as little change in the camera angle can have a huge impact on the camera`s viewing area. It may sound simple, but the ADAS calibration process is complex and requires special equipment and training. Our technicians are experienced with the ADAS calibration. In recent years, the ADAS processes have made cars a lot safer and are becoming more common in the modern era. Our company offers some of the best ADAS calibration pricing in the entire industry and the workmanship is guaranteed.

Whether you are looking for a windshield repair, replacement or ADAS calibration, we take pride in ourselves on an impossibly high standard of quality and service as well as workmanship.