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We use the most cutting-edge industrial processes. We can deliver a great product at an unbelievable price by remaining on top of the newest design trends and technology.

Our staff are qualified to fix your windshield, with many of them being government-certified automotive glass technicians. We have a small-town location near you, whether you reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Prince Rupert, Whitehorse, or anyplace else in northwestern Canada.


We utilize urethane adhesives certified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while restoring your windshield. These chemicals are used for high-performance glass binding, which means they are more durable over time.

Your Windshield Is Worth A Lot More Than You Think

A windshield is essential for your safety. Your windshield is made of laminate, which enhances protection and prevents harm from outside forces.

If your windshield has to be repaired or replaced, go to a professional, not the cheapest business in town. Our trained car glass specialists prioritize your safety. Because your windshield is there to keep you safe.


We run Glass Products, which comes with a lifetime guarantee on insulated glass. All car glass replacements and repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.


Because all of our experts undergo ongoing training and education, you can be certain that your glass repair is Certified Safe. It ensures that our work meets OEM requirements.


Your safety is important to our experienced experts. That’s why they’ll gladly educate you on the significance of your windshield and ensure that the service is done the first time correctly


We know a car, commercial, and residential glass, from windshields to bespoke tabletops. But it isn’t the only value we place on service.

Windshield Replacement

Thousands of windshields are saved each year thanks to our rock chipping and crack restoration services. So contact us. We provide the finest warranty in the market, are always available if you have a query, and do all of this at the most competitive pricing.

These days, there are a variety of places where you may get your windshield repaired. On the other hand, windshield Surgeons Clear Choice Auto Glass offers a unique mix of competence, dependability, and affordability.

When the glass in your vehicle cracks or shatters, it may be a stressful and unpleasant. Clear Choice Auto Glass is a company that specializes in auto glass repair in Ottawa, Alberta. Because it is difficult to see through a broken or shattered windshield, you may be unable to drive. Ottawa, Leduc, and Alberta are just a few of the communities we proudly service.

If your car has modern driver aid systems, windshield crack repair is very vital to consider (ADAS). Sensors and cameras may be near to the windshield, requiring recalibration if the windshield is replaced. None of the systems will be touched during the repair.

Film for Windshield Protection

Regarding windshield integrity, weather risks and those generated by badly maintained highways are also important concerns. A single spectacular occurrence doesn’t always cause windshield damage. Fractures occur as a result of the continual hammering from the environment and normal driving conditions.

Windshields are made to withstand a lot of use, but everything has its practical limits. Over time, their structural integrity may deteriorate.

A piece of the film might help to decrease the chances of any particular act inflicting permanent harm to your windshield.