The days are (finally) getting longer, and with that comes more activity outside of the home: dinners out, movies, hikes in the park; especially in Ottawa, the list of summer fun is endless! Often, depending on where you park the car, the biggest worry is whether you’ll find a ticket on the dash when you’re ready to head home. Sometimes, unfortunately, we return to find our cars with more than $40 in damage – in the form of a broken window.

Here’s what to do if you find yourself with dealing with broken glass.

Step One: File a Police Report

The first thing you’ll want to do is call your local police station (non-emergency line in Ottawa is 613-236-1222 ext 7300 or you can file it online here). Report the incident and any stolen property, and of course follow any instructions they have for you. Take photos before you begin moving or attempting to clean up the vehicle, and make note of anything that is missing.

Step Two: Carefully Clear Excess Glass

Wearing gloves, and only if it is possible to do so safely, remove larger pieces of glass that may have ended up inside the car on the seats or floor. Leave anything still attached to the window or frame in tact. Here at Clear Choice Auto Glass, we have all of the tools to get the remaining bits cleared out and your car back to normal, and if you’re in Ottawa, we can dispatch our mobile unit to you, too!

Step Three: Cover the Window

Using a large piece of plastic, cover the window and secure the plastic with an adhesive like masking tape, which won’t damage your paint job.

Step Four: Call Clear Choice Auto Glass

If we haven’t already been called to bring our mobile unit to you, call us or book an appointment online. We can replace any window either where your car is, or in our shop. We’re glass experts, but If there is additional damage to your car we can refer you to industry experts we know and trust to take care of the rest.

Step Five: Call Your Insurance Company

If anything was stolen, you’ll have to file two separate claims, since anything not part of your vehicle would be covered under home insurance, and, of course, vehicle damage would be through your car insurance! You can start your claim online through our website here.

If you find yourself with a broken window, give us a call right away: 613 978-8768. We’re always here to help.