windshield replacement in Ottawa

Your car’s windshield is a crucial component that plays a vital role in keeping you safe while driving. However, some situations can cause damage to your windshield, and in some cases, you may need a windshield repair service. Here are four cases where you may need a new windshield:

  1. Cracks and Chips

One of the most common reasons for windshield replacement in Ottawa is cracks and chips. Even a tiny chip or crack can quickly grow and impair your vision while driving. A crack over six inches becomes irreparable, and you will need a new windshield. Additionally, cracks or chips in the driver’s line of vision can reflect sunlight and cause glare, reducing visibility and creating distractions.

  1. Accidents

Another common reason for windshield replacement is due to accidents. Even minor fender benders can cause damage to your windshield. Depending on the extent of the damage, a windshield repair may not be an option, and a new windshield will be necessary to ensure your safety on the road.

  1. Weather Damage

Weather can also cause damage to your windshield. For example, hailstorms can cause dings and dents, while extreme temperature changes can cause cracks. While some weather-related damage may be repairable, you may require a new windshield in certain situations. In some cases, insurance companies may cover the cost of a windshield replacement if the damage was caused by severe weather.

  1. Leaks and poor visibility: 

If water starts leaking into your vehicle through the windshield seal when it rains or snows outside, this is another sign that you need a new one installed as soon as possible. Not only does this cause damage inside your car, but it also compromises its structural integrity over time if not appropriately addressed by a technician with experience in auto glass repair and replacement services.


Suppose you have difficulty seeing out of your windshield due to scratches or discoloration from age. In that case, this is another reason you should consider getting windshield repair service right away for safety and aesthetic reasons too! This type of issue can be especially problematic during night-time driving conditions, so ensure that all drivers in your household have a clear vision before hitting the roads again after dark hours begin each day! 

Replacing a damaged windshield isn’t always cheap, but it’s essential for safety and legal reasons. Ensure that whenever you get yours replaced, use an experienced technician specializing in auto glass repair and replacement services so that everything goes smoothly without any issues afterward! 

In conclusion, if you notice any cracks, chips, or other damage to your windshield, it’s essential to have it inspected by a professional. Even small cracks and chips can quickly grow and compromise your driving safety. At clear choice Auto Glass, we offer windshield replacement services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.